FSB Nextworking event to be held in Doncaster

An FSB Nextworking event is due to take place in Doncaster later this month.

This is a project in association with Doncaster Chamber of Commerce and Emergency Response Training Ltd which is committed to supporting, educating and inspiring individuals to succeed and develop in business.

Its objective is to provide educational material, business support, friendships and the opportunity to network.

The events are free to attend and are open to anyone in a business or a business-related sector.

FSB Nextworking aims to develop a chain of networking groups across the ‘Northern Gateway’, opening up immense commercial opportunities to all South Yorkshire businesses, enabling them to develop and share their connections and networking contacts. 

This event will take place on 15 October in Doncaster. To book visit: http://www.fsb.org.uk/uploads/nextworking%20doncaster%20template.pdf

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