Investing for manufacturing innovation and efficiency at Sidhil

Halifax-based healthcare equipment specialists Sidhil has announced plans for significant investment at the company’s Holmfield manufacturing plant.

This month Sidhil will install a second advanced tube laser cutting machine, investing over £500,000 in state of the art equipment and supporting further growth in production capabilities to match demand from both domestic and international markets.

Supplied by BLM Group, Sidhil’s new tube laser is one of the most advanced pieces of equipment on the market today.

Capable of rapidly cutting tube into a variety of complex shapes, the machine guarantees accuracy, consistency, efficiency and optimisation of material usage.

With the ability to handle both large and small batches economically, the technology matches Sidhil’s production requirements and opens the door to improved levels of innovation in product design.

“Although the technology is similar to our existing laser cutting machine, developments in this field mean that we can expect productivity increases of between 20-30 per cent from the new equipment,” stated Lynne Dixon, Sidhil’s Operations Director.

“In addition, these improved processes contribute to our commitment to reduced wastage in line with BS EN ISO 14001 environmental certification.

“Improvements in data collection also mean that we will have access to detailed statistics, which will enable even more accurate planning, costing and facilitate more informed decisions.”

Sidhil’s turnover has more than doubled since the installation of the first laser cutting machine some years ago, with demand for the company’s high quality products increasing not just in the UK but also across the globe.

In addition, new developments now winning significant market share such as the company’s range of Innov8 hospital ward beds will also utilise this improved technology.

Sidhil’s Laser Task Force Team is now hard at work to prepare for the installation, undertaking changes at the company’s Holmfield plant to accommodate the new equipment.

This is Sidhil’s second major planned expansion in 12 months; late last year, the company commissioned a new robotic welding line, doubling up on robotic welding capacity and further enhancing both output and quality.

Laser equipment
Laser equipment

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