Hassle.com creates jobs in Leeds

Start-up business Hassle.com has officially launched in Leeds, creating hundreds of job opportunities for cleaners.

The introduction of Hassle.com – the online marketplace for busy people to find cleaners – means that people looking for a reliable cleaner no longer have to badger their friends for recommendations or deal with their local cleaning agency where customers are assigned an unknown cleaner after a time-consuming admin process.

Customers simply type in their postcode and browse through cleaner profiles and reviews before selecting one who best suits their needs. The entire process takes just 60 seconds and costs a flat rate of just £10p/h.

Hassle.com is able to provide such an efficient service for customers because it recruits trusted cleaners for the platform that are keen to run their own micro-businesses.

The cleaners on Hassle.com’s website are motivated, loyal and professional self-employed people who are looking to build relationships with their customers.

The Hassle.com cleaners recognise that the best way to retain business is to offer a personalised clean where they get to know their customers and make sure they are cleaning the way their customers would like to clean.  

 “Being a cleaner used to be hard as I was never sure where my next customer would come from,” said Diaka Kaba. “Hassle.com has changed the game.

“Gone are the days where I need to put adverts in their local shop window or push flyers through people’s door.

“Now I just click a button on the Hassle.com app to accept jobs near to me. I used to have eight clients a week. Now I have 16. The extra money definitely comes in handy.”

Co-founder and CEO Alex Depledge, who is originally from Bradford, said: “We never had a cleaner as a child so when I first thought about getting one it felt a bit odd. But then I realised times have changed.

“Both my husband and I have busy jobs and can sometimes work 10hr+ days. We quickly realised we rarely had free time for each other and we should look to spend quality time together.

“That is when we realised other people must be in a similar situation and I founded Hassle.com with some friends.

“My favourite part about Hassle.com is that it works for both the consumer and the cleaner.

“Whenever we launch in a city we create hundreds of jobs. I’m very proud to be bringing this win-win solution to my home town.”

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