South Yorkshire laser experts cut creativity loose

Barnsley laser firm Cutting Technologies is launching a new campaign to show the UK’s designers and architects exactly what’s possible by using the latest in laser technology.

“Cutting Creativity Loose” will demonstrate the limitless possibilities modern laser cutting and engraving offers designers in a range of ways.

Central to the campaign is Cutting Technologies’ new catalyst for creativity, a carefully designed three-part sample collection which will inspire and inform designers.

Comprising ‘Metals,’ ‘Wood’ and ‘Plastics and Unusual,’ the collection shows how lasers can transform a huge range of materials including brass, acrylic, mdf, latex and slate from the mundane into something truly spectacular.

Cutting Technologies is also working with RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) to formulate a series of seminars explaining how lasers work and what can be achieved with them.

As well as providing architects and designers with information and ideas on how they can incorporate laser cutting and engraving into their projects, the seminars will also be accredited and count towards CPD. The first seminar is scheduled for early 2015.

Jane Robinson, Director and Co-founder of Cutting Technologies, said: “From working with designers and architects on a daily basis, we recognised that many of them simply aren’t aware of the latest developments in our industry and what can now be achieved.”

“For instance, the latest Fiber lasers now allow companies like ours to laser cut materials like copper at much greater thicknesses than ever before.

“The newest machines are also so efficient that laser cutting and engraving are much more cost effective and quicker, so designers working to budgets that once wouldn’t allow the use of laser technology may now be able to consider it.”

“At Cutting Technologies we’ve always endeavoured to push the limits of our lasers and make them work in new and exciting ways for designers.

“The Cutting Creativity Loose campaign is the next step in that process and we’re looking forward to seeing what the design world can come up with once they’re fully aware of our capabilities.”

Cutting Technologies is a laser cutting and engraving firm based in Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

“From working with renowned international designers to create entire exhibitions focussed on laser cutting and engraving to laser cutting latex for Paris catwalks, Cutting Technologies leads the way when it comes to lasers and design.

Laser experts cut creativity loose

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