Halifax bright sparks win business award

The small company with the big kick – that’s the slogan that won a BiYInspired Award for Halifax-based Circuit Electrical Testing.

Established in 2007, Circuit Electrical Testing turned over just £55K in its first year.

This year, turnover is expected to exceed £750K, with the company numbering amongst its contracted customers major names such as Greater Manchester Police, Pembrokeshire Council (one of the largest UK councils by area) HC1 (formerly Southern Cross, with 250 care homes nationwide), the YMCA and many leading educational establishments.

Circuit was established by two Halifax brothers, who identified a developing niche in the market focused on the growing demand for professional, accredited electrical testing services in line with emerging Health & Safety requirements.

The brothers quickly identified that cutting edge technology provided the company with a route for controlled growth, driving the advanced levels of customer service which have in turn led to customer retention and recommendations for new business.

Circuit invests continuously in ‘cloud-based’ technologies, utilising emerging systems and digital techniques to speed up data collection and verification.

As a result, the company is increasingly recognised as one of the leading organisations in its field – a reputation that has been enhanced with marketing innovations such as ‘Mr Circuit’, who not only appears as a virtual superhero the company’s website, giving advice and recommendations, but also exists in reality and boosts the company’s attendance at exhibitions!

Circuit Electrical Testing has a clearly mapped out business plan into the future, designed around continued growth and diversification.

The Awards were given by BiY, an organisation which exists to give business owners in Yorkshire the inspiration, the passion and the belief to help grow and develop their businesses.

BiY provides unparalleled opportunities to learn from each other, get specialist help in key areas, find support when it’s most needed and win more business – in short, to be inspired.

Mr Circuit 2
Mr Circuit

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