Mobile users no longer talking but still paying dearly

Aan independent survey commissioned by South Yorkshire-based IT and telecommunications company DuoCall, reveals only a fifth of people say their mobile’s first purpose is to make calls.

Texting, social media and emailing are the main functions used by 64 per cent of those surveyed but only 21 per cent say the main use of their phone is to make calls.

The figures are even more startling for younger phone users – only 7.8 per cent of 18-24 year olds say the main reason they use their phone is to make calls.

Mobile phone usage has been transformed in the past two years, with 4G now been available in many locations, according to DuoCall director Phil Coley.

Data and minute bundles being offered by the major phone companies have moved with the times, but are not being explained to the end user correctly.

“Many mobile customers are simply paying over the odds,” said Phil, whose business provides landline, mobile, data products and services across a range of industries including the NHS, retail, leisure, education and the motor trade.

“It has been estimated that seven out of 10 people in the UK now own a smartphone of some description and stats show that they look at the device on average 221 times per day.

“With the vast array of business apps, social media and email usage it’s so important to choose your tariff wisely.

“If you exceed you data allowance the costs can soon add up. It has been estimated that eight out 10 people are on wrong tariff and for a business that can add up to thousands of pounds over a year.

“Business owners and managers need to ensure their data / call profile is delivering exactly what they, and their employees, need.”

DuoCall commissioned an independent survey of 2700 mobile customers to learn more about how mobile phones are being used.

The main findings of the survey were:

  • The younger a customer, the less likely they are to primarily use their phone for calls (7.8 per cent for 18-24 years olds compared to 42.6 per cent for over 65s
  • women text more than men (46 per cent compared to 35 per cent)
  • 17 per cent of women use their phone primarily for social media compared to just 7.8 per cent of men
  • More men than women say they use their mobiles primarily for emails and phone calls (38 per cent compared to 24.6 per cent)

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