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Costcutter Supermarkets Group launches new retailer online portal, ActivHUB

York based Costcutter Supermarkets Group today announced the launch of a new secure online portal called ActivHUB, which puts members in control by providing access to all of their systems, documents and information in one place.

The next stage in the ActivTechnology suite, which has seen ongoing investment in digital retailer systems, the new platform will further simplify in-store operations and allow even greater efficiencies across every day processes.

Built using a market leading platform, ActivHUB is designed to be as easy to use as possible and is optimised for both desktops and tablet devices.

Developed by leading digital agency Enjoy Digital, it will give retailers access to all their technology services and communication in one place, as well as all the information they need on a day to day basis. A mobile companion will be launched in early 2015.

With one single login retailers can use systems such as the new order capture system, ActivOC which allows them to place and check orders, use the finance section to look at invoices and payment schedules as well as see the total amount for current and recent orders, access marketing and trading support, and stay up to date with all the news that is relevant to them.

Retailers can also view and download planograms to assist with store layout.

The launch of ActivHUB follows the ActivOC  system which has been live in stores since last year. Next to come later this year will be a series of new consumer websites which will help drive awareness and footfall into stores.

Kevin Widdrington, IT Director for Costcutter Supermarkets Group, said: “The launch of ActivHUB is a significant step in the rolling out of our full ActivTechnology suite.

“We want our retailers to be as successful as possible and that means providing them with the right tools.

“Technology is a critical part of this and the systems we are investing in will give our members the best systems in our sector.

“Our investment in technology is ongoing, which is why the new consumer websites are also set to launch soon and the next phase of development will also see the launch of a suite of mobile technology systems.”

He added: “With an increased requirement of constantly improving communication, ActivHUB is an exciting step in bringing us even closer to our members and enabling them to get real time communication from the latest launches to legal aspects of their business and sharing best practice.”

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Costcutter Supermarkets’ new retailer online portal, ActivHUB

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