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Landowners and homeowners told to beware of complex HS2 compensation system

Home and landowners affected by the proposed HS2 route through Yorkshire need to get up to speed on the compensation schemes associated with the multi-billion pound development, warn lawyers.

Timetables for applying for the compensation schemes start within the next 12-18 months and largely apply to property owners.

However, anyone owning land on which the proposed route will be located will likely see their land bought by the Government under a Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) and can also be expected to be compensated for their loss.

The compensation schemes in their current form are complicated and payments are dependent on a property’s distance from the proposed HS2 rail line, said Matthew Pugh, a property litigation expert at Langleys Solicitors.

“Many thousands of homes within one kilometre of the route to Leeds and Manchester from Birmingham will be affected and therefore entitled to compensation,” said Matthew.

“Properties closest to the line are likely to benefit from the compensation schemes to a greater extent but all property owners affected should seek advice on which of the current six schemes might be relevant to them.

“The schemes also allow certain landowners who are not subject to a CPO to claim compensation depending on their proximity to the proposed route and the blight of that land caused by the route.”

The schemes – which cover properties up to 60 metres from the proposed line through to those up to 300 metres away – are due to continue for up to one year after the relevant section of the route opens to passengers.

Matthew added: “The compensation schemes are not intended to appease property and land owners of the effect of HS2 – the intent is to reimburse them for the loss that they will suffer as a result of the development.

“The schemes in their current form would appear to achieve this goal.”

Final details of the compensation schemes and their terms and conditions are expected to be known next year when the High Speed Rail Bill (London-West Midlands) is scheduled to receive Royal Assent.

Matthew Pugh

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