Good deed leads to launch of new home de-cluttering service

A “good Samaritan” deed which transformed a pensioner’s life has led to a York woman launching a novel new business to help people de-clutter their homes.

Anne Wyn-Jones has a passion for helping people to strip our unwanted belongings from their homes and create new spaces for their families to enjoy.

She came to the rescue of an 86-year-old who was selling her four bedroom home family home and moving into a smaller home but was completely overwhelmed by the task.

Anne set about working with her to sensitively go through items that were no longer needed.

“The process changed this lady’s life and she now lives in a bungalow that is spacious, comfortable and is a pleasure to live in,” said Anne.

“Through helping this lady and other friends I realised that so many people – both young and old – were in a similar position.

They want to de-clutter but become emotionally attached to objects and find the thought of removing items just too stressful.

“I use coaching techniques to help customers break down emotional barriers allowing them to make decisions about what items should go and where they should go to. This could be to relatives or to be sold or recycled. ”

Anne realised there was a gap in the market for a professional de-cluttering service and set up her company Ideal Living.

“I also help people wanting to sell their property yet need to sort and rid it of clutter before putting it on the market. Even when it’s sold, I can help with the home moving process,” said Anne.

Anne said she was shocked to discover that many people were living in misery because their homes were full of clutter.

“I hear of people staying out of their homes until late at night, passing the time in libraries or coffee shops because they don’t enjoy being at home due to their clutter which overwhelms them.

For them, their homes are literally making them miserable and unwell. Yet our home is where we’re supposed to feel safe and able to relax.

“Working with customers to help sort and organise their home and creating space is extremely rewarding and reinvigorating. For some clients it literally is life changing,” said Anne.

Anne, whose Ideal Living business is based in Clifford Street, York,   looks after the safe disposal of unwanted goods to interested parties. She also organises the sale of items which can often pay for her fees.

Her skills as an office manager and a volunteer for Citizen’s Advice Bureau are all being utilised in the new business.

“We are not about just dumping stuff in a skip,” said Anne.

“We provide full support including assessing health and safety risks and we will also work with our customers to re-design the de-cluttered rooms or lofts to make the most of their new space.”

Now Anne is gearing up for a busy run into Christmas as families look to create extra space for relatives to stay.

“Christmas can be such a problem for families but I’m hoping they take advantage of our services and allow us to start the de-cluttering process. It’s amazing how much can be achieved in just a day.”

Anne Wyn-JonesHR
Anne Wyn-Jones

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