Three quarters of people in Leeds say Yorkshire best place to work

When employees across the country were asked where the most fulfilling place to work in the country was, London was easily the most popular answer.

But when people living in Leeds were asked the same question, the overwhelming majority said Yorkshire, according to a survey carried out by specialist recruiter, Randstad.

When asked where in the country they believed they would achieve the highest job satisfaction, 77 per cent of employees in Leeds said Yorkshire & the Humber – while just 16 per cent were prepared to concede that London was the most fulfilling place in the country to work.

By contrast, only 9 per cent of the nation’s workers thought Yorkshire & the Humber was the most fulfilling place to work – while 38 per cent said London.

The reason most employees in Leeds gave for voting Yorkshire & The Humber the most fulfilling place to work in the country, was the superior pace of life (cited by 29 per cent of respondents). 

Second most popular was the salary commanded in Yorkshire compared to the rest of the country (20 per cent), followed by greater spending power (19 per cent).

Tara Ricks, managing director of Randstad Financial & Professional, said: “The results might suggest that people from Yorkshire have a high opinion of themselves and, to outsiders, no doubt the pride in the White Rose will be interpreted as the blowing of a county’s own trumpet.

“But nothing could be further from the truth.  The facts and figures stack up.  The starting salary for a Finance Director is around £80,000 – which compares very well to salaries across the South.

“And while a management accountant could earn £45,000 in the Midlands, at the top end he could be pocketing £50,000 a year in Yorkshire.  Not only that, but the money goes further here than in does in the south east or London.”

While 16 per cent of employees in Leeds were prepared to accept that London had something to offer (and a brave 1 per cent) were even willing to admit the North West – including Lancashire – offered more job satisfaction than Yorkshire & The Humber), none were willing to say that the South West or the East of England were the most fulfilling places to work in the country.

Perceptions aside, the most professionally fulfilled workers in the England are actually based in the South East.

In the self-reported survey, 71 per cent of employees based in the South East claim to be fulfilled, closely followed by the London at (70 per cent.

The least fulfilled employees in England are based in the North East (42 per cent) and the East of England (48 per cent).

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