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Potato supplier chips £40k off running costs

Potato supplier E Park and Sons has credited its relationship with BCR Associates with saving the business over £40,000.

Cheshire based E Park and Sons’ daily business operations consume a substantial amount of energy. The production facilities operate 24 hours a day and energy bills increase significantly out of season.

BCR Associates specialises in the reduction of business overheads and has successfully saved over £6 million for many different types of company across the UK, including E Park and Sons.

As an environmentally friendly business, E Park & Sons contacted BCR Associates to look at alternative ways of reducing energy consumption and renewable generation options to reduce costs and drive down carbon emissions.

The cost free service offered by BCR Associates provides businesses with access to a specialist procurement team, who are able to negotiate contracts and secure exclusive deals on essential running costs.

The consultancy work with clients to review expenditure on current overheads and then create a summary of potential savings.

The consultancy handles the whole changeover process across the entire portfolio of services such as; electricity, gas, telecoms, insurance, staff, finance, vehicles and more.

Despite a complex economic climate and energy market, E Park and Sons reported a reduction of over £10,000 per annum in energy and 62 per cent saving in telecommunications.

Additionally, BCR Associates organised for the telecommunications to be placed with a carbon neutral supplier to support the company’s environmental policies.

James Pepper, IT manager at E Park and Sons, said: “BCR Associates saved us time and money while having our best needs at the forefront in any negotiations.”

Michael O’Grady, of BCR Associates’ Leeds office added: “We offer businesses a risk free proposition for reducing overheads and streamlining operational costs.

“Our network has preferential access to data, information and tariffs which ensure that we source the very best deal available to each client.”

The Leeds office of BCR Associates services businesses in Yorkshire and the M62 Corridor.

The average business who uses BCR Associates benefit from a 27 per cent reduction in running costs and 100 per cent of the savings are then passed directly onto the client.

Michael O’Grady, director at the Leeds branch of BCR Associates

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