Disabled adults get work opportunity thanks to Harrogate charity

Two disabled adults are getting their feet on the first rung of the employment ladder, thanks to a Harrogate-based charity.

Louise Dakin and Alistair Williams have both secured work after undergoing training courses at Disability Action Yorkshire’s Training Services based at its headquarters on the town’s Hornbeam Park.

After a series of interviews, Louise is working two days a week as a kitchen assistant at Hill View Manor extra care housing scheme, in Knaresborough.

Meanwhile, Alistair has secured two days each week at Disability Acton Yorkshire itself, working in the charity’s furniture enterprise where he helps collect items from households across the district.

Disability Action Yorkshire chief executive Jackie Snape said: “Our key aim is to help disabled young people lead independent lives, and an important element of this is for them to gain paid employment.

“I’m delighted to say both Louise and Alastair have now got part-time employment, and, more importantly, these jobs pay more than the minimum wage!

“They have both attended training with us which has given them practical skills and qualifications, and has ultimately made them employable.”

Jackie added: “They are hard working and I’m hearing very positive comments about the pair.

“Louise and Alastair richly deserve these opportunities and I hope other organisations will consider giving disabled people the chance of paid employment.”

David Hartley, northern operations manager of Caterplus – which manages the catering operation at Hill View Manor – said: “Caterplus is delighted to have been able to work with Disability Action Yorkshire in order to provide this employment opportunity for Louise.

“During her employment with the company she will complete a programme of training in food hygiene skills, and is now an active member of the team providing services to older people at Hill View.”

Disability Action Yorkshire was founded in 1937, and, in addition to its Hornbeam Park training facility it owns a residential home on Harrogate’s Claro Road.

Disability Action Yorkshire trainees Louise Dakin (second right) and Alastair Williams (far right) with Caterplus head chef David Preston and Disability Action Yorkshire deputy chief executive Ange Brockett

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