MP congratulates Wakefield McDonald’s apprentices

Wakefield MP Mary Creagh handed out certificates to 16 McDonald’s apprentices to mark the completion of their qualification at a restaurant in Wakefield recently.

The apprentices, young men and women aged between 18 and 30, have all completed their apprenticeships, while working in McDonald’s restaurants across Wakefield. They are amongst more than 17,000 McDonald’s staff across the UK to complete the qualification since it launched in 2009.

Nationally recognised and City and Guild’s accredited, the McDonald’s Apprenticeship provides employees with transferable skills they can use in their current role and in their future career.

It is equivalent to five good GCSEs. The Level 2 apprenticeship sits in the middle of the McDonald’s learning ladder, which ranges from work experience for 16+ year old school goers, to a Foundation Degree in Managing Business Operations for restaurant managers.

Commenting on the apprentice’s achievements Mary Creagh MP said: “It’s great that McDonald’s is creating opportunities for its employees to gain qualifications and help them advance in their career.

“I was thrilled to present the apprentices with their NVQ2 awards. Labour would safeguard the trusted apprenticeships brand by ensuring all apprenticeships are of a high standard.”

Anne Wainwright, who owns and operates the McDonald’s restaurant on Dewsbury Road in Wakefield said: “Vocational qualifications are more important than ever before, as they provide people with the opportunity to continue gaining qualifications at the same time as developing their on-the-job skills in their chosen employment sector.

“I’m proud to be able to offer my employees this type of opportunity in the form of our Apprenticeship programme and believe it’s important for more businesses to invest in such training opportunities.

“Giving people the chance to learn and earn means I can attract the very best people.”

Jill Hullet, McDonald’s operations consultant, Mary Creagh MP, Anne Wainwright, franchisee and apprentices

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