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Hitting silver thanks to stainless steel

A Yorkshire engineering company is celebrating its quarter century by creating new jobs and developing new products.

Gildersome Spur based HpE Process Ltd started in 1989 and now has a team of  11 with plans for more to drive through sales of new products.

The pipe and valve company was started by Andrew Allman MD, who realised  food and beverage manufacturers faced two key challenges of maintenance and waste which caused production downtime, lost productivity and hit profits.

He started designing solutions which help industry maintain production, cut waste and boost profitability, while meeting health and hygiene standards and achieving sustainability targets.

Originally focused on the food and beverage sectors HpE Process Ltd is one of the largest suppliers to the Scottish distilleries it now operates across diverse sectors.

Having weathered three recessions the company is optimistic about the future with a healthy order book, more staff and new products sympathetic to its core business; but ready to tackle new fields including household, personal care, pharmaceutical and  bio chemicals.

Key to the HpE Process Ltd success story has been its pigging system which  is recognised as one of the most reliable and efficient in the UK delivering payback within months for manufacturers in industries where margins are tight and scrutiny on the increase.

To complement that HpE Process Ltd is launching a new stainless steel tube range.

Versaline puts high quality back into food production. Pressure to reduce costs is an integral part of any business, however in recent years, hygienic tube suppliers have achieved this by cutting certain processes in production that were there in order to give the stainless steel the properties that are essential for food use.

The net result being that within months of installation the cheap tube can pit, corrode or crack demanding replacement pipes every six to 12 months.

Mr Allman said: “Versaline tube undergoes all the processes that are required to make stainless steel a true hygienic and sustainable material – the way it was in years past.

“This means that the piping is more robust, so increasing intervals between replacement.

“Early tests have been positive so we are looking to roll it out across all our sectors as part of our ongoing commitment to customer service.

“The first 25 years of  HpE Process Ltd  has been a roller coaster with recession and expansion, but the company is still going strong because we have built our reputation on reliability and  service rather than price.

“We’re now looking forward to further growth aiming for that elusive £5million turnover target  through new products and new people.”

HpE team photo
The Hpe Process team

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