Devolved powers for Sheffield – EY comment

Stuart Watson, Yorkshire and Humberside Senior Partner at EY, has added his voice to the announcement by Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg that Sheffield will receive a city devolution deal, giving it greater control over transport, skills, housing and business support.

Mr Watson said: The announcement around new decentralised powers for Sheffield is a watershed moment for the city region. Perhaps just as important is what this means for the wider North and the re-balancing of the UK economy.

“This second Northern city devolution deal reiterates that the Government sees much of the responsibility for the Northern Powerhouse vision being in the hands of people and businesses in the North of England.

“Devolved powers for Sheffield, Manchester and potentially other city regions, such as Leeds, will empower Northern people and businesses to invest and work together more effectively.

“The One North transport infrastructure report is an important recent example of ongoing collaboration, and this collaboration could become even more impactful with similar devolution deals for other cities.

“Devolution will be an ongoing process and companies in Yorkshire must have a voice to ensure proposals deliver for business.

“By continuing to engage with this and the next Government, as well as local public sector bodies and each other, we can help to maintain momentum and build on these promising early developments for the Northern Powerhouse.”

Stuart Watson
Stuart Watson

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