Yorkshire Smokehouse sees Christmas webs sales rocket

Staal Smokehouse has seen a 20 per cent year-on-year increase in its online Christmas sales as Britain becomes the world’s highest spending nation online.

The multi award-winning, family-run smokehouse has seen overall sales of its smoked fish and meat rise by 20-per-cent since last December, with traditionally popular Christmas products such as salmon and duck doing particularly well. 

Owner Justin Staal said as the smokehouse’s reputation has grown; more people outside of Yorkshire have wanted to order from them online.

He added: “We’ve seen a big upsurge in customers from outside Yorkshire buying our products and the best way for them to do this has been via our website.

“People are buying much later this Christmas– and the shops have been slow to ignite – and for that reason, they are going online rather than into the shops or supermarkets to sort out their food for Christmas dinner.”

The news comes on the back of this week’s Ofcom report which shows UK consumers spend more money online than any of the world’s other major economies including Australia and America, averaging nearly £2,000 per person each year. 

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