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Barnsley IT company Cultrix awarded “Employer of the Year” at House of Lords

Barnsley IT support company Cultrix has won “Employer of the Year” for its work with young apprentices at a House of Lords award celebration.

The annual event is organised by 3aaa, a leading national apprentice training provider in England which recognises special apprentices’ achievements and their employers. 

Shaun Wilders, managing director of Cultrix, said: “Apprentices are a great way to recruit in the IT sector because we get enthusiastic individuals who really want to work in IT.

“3aaa provide us with apprentices who have already been given a good working knowledge of IT by attending their academy in Sheffield before they join our team. 

“There’s no better way to learn than working on a live helpdesk, and we do like to give our apprentices opportunities to answer calls and work on problems from day one, seeing their skills and confidence grow every single day.”

Matt Ball, one of the apprentices that has recently finished his qualification, said: “While being at Cultrix this year, I have always felt supported by the whole team both with work and personally.

“As well as being on the helpdesk, I was encouraged to keep working on my apprenticeship which I have recently completed. Now I have been offered a contract to stay on at Cultrix, I’m so pleased.”

Shaun added: “We are very proud to have received this award recognising our services to apprenticeships in 2014. 

“Our rolling apprenticeship scheme is key to building our helpdesk with enthusiastic young people that understand our mission to keep great customer service at the centre of everything we do. 

“3aaa know exactly what we’re looking for and with their help have recruited and trained some fantastic engineers and they’re all heavily involved in the continued growth and success of the company.”

Cultrix operates a rolling apprenticeship programme to grow its helpdesk that serves over 800 businesses and charities nationally.

In 2014 they took four apprentices from 3aaa, all of which are still in full time employment with Cultrix. The award was given because Cultrix didn’t just employ the apprentices; they put in extra time to work through any issues that arose with the apprentices, personal, work or study-related.

In addition, Cultrix continued to motivate apprentices to earn their qualifications. Customer service and sales manager Dawn Day also takes time to visit the Academy and give talks to other apprentices including one about “What an employer is looking for”, as well as attending and supporting other 3aaa events.

The award was presented by The Baroness Kennedy of the Shaws and several sports personalities who are passionate education advocates, including Wayne Madson and Tom Pointon, captain and wicket keeper for the Derbyshire Country Cricket Club as well as Shaun Barker, the Derby Country Football Club defender. 

3aaa Awards-114(1)
Pictured from left are Tom Poynton; Wayne Madsen; Shaun Wilders, managing Director of Cultrix; Dawn Day, customer sales and service manager With Cultrix;
Lee Fairfield, apprentice who is now in full time employment with Cultrix; Shaun Barker; Di Mcevoy-Robinson, director 3aaa and Peter Marples, director 3aaa

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