Technology Centre collaborates with local food network to market Yorkshire tomatoes

A leading technology transfer centre has joined forces with a local food network to market the first Yorkshire grown tomatoes of the year.

Sunstream midi plum tomatoes have been grown at Selby based Stockbridge Technology Centre and will be marketed by members of the East Yorkshire Local Food Network (EYLFN) to its customers throughout Yorkshire.

Nigel Bartle, chair of the tomato Growers Association and board member of the EYLFN, is delighted with the collaboration: “The first tomatoes from Stockbridge’s new research facility were harvested in time for Christmas and have been very well received due to their exceptional, just-picked taste. Sunstream is a lovely variety, with a deep red colour, but most importantly, that home grown flavour.

They were grown in a research glasshouse that is testing the potential of energy efficient LED lights to allow crops to be UK grown for superior freshness and taste.”

Stockbridge Technology Centre science director Martin McPherson added: “This is a great example of us carrying out world leading research and development, but giving everyone the chance to participate by using a local network of independent producers and caterers to deliver fresh, local food.”

Yorkshire tomatoes will be available from many EYLFN retailers* and from Delifresh, the sole distributor to the catering trade.

Stockbridge Technology Centre is an independent, not for profit organisation that is wholly owned by the UK horticultural industry and is a centre of excellence in technology transfer to agriculture and horticulture.

It leads the way in research into LED lighting and the new facility for tall crops such as tomatoes complements an existing facility looking at benches or layers of crops that could be a model for urban farms of the future.

Established in 2010, The East Yorkshire Local Food Network champions the wide range of delicious food and drink available in and around East Yorkshire for the benefit of local food and drink businesses and communities and currently has 120 members.

Gerry Andrew harvests Sunstream tomatoes at Stockbridge Tecnology Centre
Gerry Andrew harvests sunstream tomatoes at Stockbridge Tecnology Centre

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