Contracting legislation must support dynamic temporary workforce market, says specialist

Leeds based contracting specialist Nova Contracting is reassuring agency clients that there will be plenty of time to ensure compliant solutions to any changes on overarching contracts of employment and reimbursed expenses announced in this year’s Budget.

Director Marcus Green said: “Any new legislation would not come into effect until April 2016, so if necessary we will be able to plan and manage any required adjustments.

We have many years of experience operating in this sector and will ensure that we continue to provide a fully compliant solution, which meets all HMRC requirements, but offers the most favourable terms.

“The industry has until 10 February to give feedback on the discussion document and will, no doubt, be providing clear examples of unintended consequences and downright unfairness, which could arise if the Government decides to prohibit any home-to-work travel and subsistence allowance under any intermediary arrangements.

“The second option, which solely targets people employed on overarching contracts, is perhaps less contentious and would only impact umbrella companies.

“What is encouraging is that the Government appears to be genuinely seeking the opinions of the people and organisations which will be affected, rather than going through the motions and acknowledges that temporary workforce is vital to the UK’s dynamic labour market.

“Any new contracting legislation must support the vital contribution they make to our economy and the level of services and deliveries we’ve all now come to expect. An estimated £810 million was spent online by British shoppers on just one day – Black Friday – with Boxing Day sales adding a further £748 million.

“Those sorts of sales spikes would not be possible without the use of temporary drivers, packers, administration and sales staff and we need to attract more good calibre people to meet continually growing demand.”

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