SME’s warned of under performing security systems

A growing nursery based in Guiseley has recognised the importance of upgrading the business’ surveillance system firmware.

After a spate of incidents, Swincar Nurseries, a family-run business, installed a Panasonic surveillance system consisting of 11 cameras and a digital video recorder in 2011.

In Autumn 2014, a further two Panasonic surveillance cameras were added to the system.

The owner Andrew Fisher noticed that the new cameras, which were the same model, were performing significantly better than the original ones.

“Firmware updates can make significant improvements to an existing security installation. At Swincar Nurseries, the firmware hadn’t been updated since the system was installed in 2011,” said Panasonic sales manager Martin Morris.

“For SMEs, without dedicated security staff, firmware updates can be easy to overlook, but it is important to do this every so often, to make sure the system is as effective as possible and ready for any unwelcome incidents.”

Recently, a successful prosecution was made against a man stealing from the growing nursery as a result of evidence captured by the newly updated surveillance system.

“A customer told us he’d seen a man acting strangely. He’d walked up to the Nursery with a trolley and disappeared. But when he came back he had no plants and no trolley. We saw him park his car out of the way, but right under a camera,” said Andrew Fisher.

“The police were able to make a successful prosecution on the back of evidence collected by the surveillance system. It’s reassuring that the image quality is that good and we can clearly see what’s going on. The police said the image quality was by far the best they’d ever seen, which pleases us because it shows investing in the Panasonic security system was a wise choice over a cheaper ‘fit and forget’ system.”

The nursery also uses remote access to monitor security on site; Andrew can now access the live HD CCTV footage from his smartphone or tablet device, whether down the road or on holiday.

“The main reason we chose Panasonic over other brands was that the quality of the image we saw with the cameras. When we looked at the Panasonic product it was clear and crisp, a good image and the night time capability was absolutely fantastic. The whole package put together by Panasonic was very attractive,” Andrew added.

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