Calls plea to Yorkshire businesses from IT firm

Despite the rapid growth of online customer service tools, a Yorkshire IT and telecommunications company is reminding businesses about the importance of excellent customer experiences across all channels.

Online customer service tools and the use of social media sites such as Twitter have revolutionised customer service in recent years. But according DuoCall, businesses still need to ensure their basic phone procedure is up to scratch.

“Managing customer experience on the phone is critical to business success,” said DuoCall director Phil Coley.

“Whilst there is a recognised need to keep on top of social networks and resolve issues online, it’s just as important to answer the phone quickly and effectively.

“As the saying goes, you only have one chance to make a great first impression, and this process begins when the phone starts ringing.”

Phil added: “It’s imperative businesses aren’t dropping calls, losing them in their phone systems or waiting too long to pick up.

“Anything but excellent first person contact could mean the caller perceives the business as apathetic or unprofessional. Worse, they may lose interest and hang up.

“Excellent customer service means utilising all your channels and ensuring the customer receives the very best service across them all.”

DuoCall, which is based in Rotherham, provides its many customers across the UK with phone, mobile and IT solutions.

Phone solutions include advanced call logging systems which provide businesses with ways to control costs, manage responses and analyse call traffic.

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