Holiday company manages and monitors staff placement with custom software

Haven Holidays has raised safety thresholds for the thousands of holidaymakers it hosts every year and made talent management for HR and training teams easier with the help of a custom developed software platform by Nicholas Associates of Sheffield.

With 8,000 employees at peak periods across 35 family holiday parks nationwide, the company sought to ensure that scrupulously accurate intelligence on all team members can be accessed quickly by management so that the right people with the right skills are always in the right places at every location.

It is claimed that when installed across all sites, the new All Improve Skills Matrix software will allow Haven to readily deploy somebody in any given role with complete certainty that they not only meet the company’s internal standards for the job but also all essential regulatory demands, such as first aid and lifesaving qualifications or Childcare Register requirements.

Skills Matrix keeps up-to-date skills, competencies and qualifications records for all employees, as well as those demanded by every job role. With this information always available at a keystroke, the business can react speedily to an unexpected staffing challenge.

Nicholas Associates software manager, Ross Cumming, said: “Once, when someone called in sick, working out who had the right skills and qualifications on that park to take their place could be very time consuming. Now this information is available in minutes.”

The skills inventory at its fingertips also allows Haven to monitor and track the changing workforce landscape, spotting any skills gaps or other trends in time for them to be addressed before they become a problem.

Skills Matrix is the latest instalment of a learning and talent development programme that Nicholas Associates has worked on with Haven over the last two years to enhance operations.

In 2014, it delivered an e-learning tool, All Improve Learning Management that it continues to support. The next phase will see All Improve Learning Management and Skills Matrix linked together.

Haven culture & development advisor, Margaret Unsworth, said: “We take the responsibility we have for the many guests in our care very seriously, which is why we want only appropriately qualified and skilled team members looking after them wherever they are.

“The software is being trialled at six Haven locations and makes for far quicker scheduling and organisation. Our plan is to roll it out across the remaining parks, continuing our business improvement process through technology from Nicholas Associates.”

Haven culture  development advisor Margaret Unsworth
Haven culture development advisor Margaret Unsworth

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