Myddleton Croft – frank and upfront in newly released videos

Myddleton Croft, the Leeds based investment management firm, has come up with an innovative and very visual way to tell professional intermediaries just what they are all about.

The firm believes the way forward for many advisers (IFAs) is through successful, intelligent outsourcing.  They have worked hard over the past few years to build strong bonds with advisers to everyone’s mutual benefit.

Funds under management were up from £53 million to £61 million to the end of December 2014.  This is an increase of 14.2 per cent over the year.

Myddleton Croft has produced three short videos, shot at Goldsborough Hall, to put across in an informal manner just what they do and how they do it.

These frank and upfront discussions between David Cowell, director, Julie Jones, business development director and Patrick Toes, investment director give insight into just how Myddleton Croft sees its role and relationship with IFAs.

In the first video clip, David and Patrick play out a light-hearted Smith and Jones routine to highlight how their opposing views can work, using two portfolios as examples.

A second short film sees Julie talking to David about the relationship between them and the adviser, giving an honest insight into their understanding of best practice for a good working relationship with Myddleton Croft.

In the third piece of footage David and Patrick discuss the key attributes of the Myddleton Croft philosophy and the importance of their flexible approach which they believe is a unique feature of their service.  All three videos will be available to view on their website over the next few weeks.

Julie Jones, director responsible for business development said: “The IFAs who work with us genuinely see us as a partner, complimenting what they already do.

“These short videos are the perfect way to get our message across in an informative relaxed way and can be used to communicate our business effectively. It was also a lot fun!”

Achieving top ratings with Defaqto in 2014, Myddleton Croft remains committed to developing strong working relationships with advisers, benefitting their clients and subsequently their business.

IMG_0927 copy
David Cowell and Patrick Toes

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