Yorkshire businesses to benefit from IT security partnership

Businesses in Yorkshire are set to benefit from a new partnership between two leading IT security providers.

Onyx Group, one of the country’s longest established providers of IT, which has a base in Manvers, Rotherham, has teamed up with Sentrix in the fight against Distributed Denial of Service Attacks (DDoS).

A DDoS attack is a malicious attempt to make a server or a network resource unavailable, usually by suspending the services of a host connected to the internet. The attacks have proved to be the most costly and disruptive forms of cybercrime, accounting for roughly 55 per cent of all annual cybercrime costs.

Sentrix have designed a breakthrough, cloud-based security solution that protects websites against attacks, prevents hackers from compromising sensitive data, and mitigates against DDoS attacks that may cause downtime and severe brand damage.

The partnership between Onyx Group and Sentrix will bring the latest Cloud-DMZ technology to the UK market.

Onyx Group’s Rotherham facility offers businesses access to a 250-seat workplace recovery centre, alongside a 320 rack state-of-the-art Data Centre. From this site Onyx deliver Cloud hosting and backup, colocation, IT support and security.

The partnership follows the launch of Sentrix’s UK office last year.

Ofer Wolf, CEO of Sentrix, said: “Sentrix has partnered with Onyx Group because of its proven experience as a security reseller, its in-depth knowledge of the UK security market, as well as its proven success record and expertise.

“We’ve already seen the benefits of the cooperation when taking and implementing our solution with various Onyx customers.  We are looking forward to expanding the presence of the Sentrix game-changing Cloud-DMZ solution in the UK market with Onyx’s help.”

By creating an active cloud-replica that mirrors the customer’s original website, Sentrix’s Cloud-DMZ technology, unlike traditional security, eliminates over 99 per cent of the website’s potential attack surface which means hackers have almost no way to pass through to the original site.

Following the large number of high-profile attacks recently reported in the media, Neil Stephenson, CEO of Onyx Group, says it is the perfect time to bring one of the industry’s most highly-regarded DDoS protection agents to the UK market.

He said: “In today’s connected world, businesses continue to be victimised by attackers that continue to become more creative and sophisticated in their techniques to reach corporate resources and data. As little as six weeks ago we saw numerous high-profile businesses suffer DDoS attacks on Christmas Day.”

“We’ve seen the Sentrix solution and were highly impressed by its innovative approach to protecting websites from attacks.

“Sentrix’s Cloud-DMZ technology is proven in protecting enterprise websites from a wide range of web attacks. Sentrix can be deployed within days and is dramatically simpler to manage, which makes it a highly attractive offering for us as resellers.”

Onyx’s Yorkshire Data Centre is just one of eleven sites and offices throughout the country, including Edinburgh, Glasgow, Stockton-On-Tees, Newcastle, Rotherham and London.

During the last five years, the Group has completed eight acquisitions which have seen its customer base grow to a core of more than 200 clients, which includes some of the UK’s leading brands. It has expanded across the UK and developed new services and products that are tailored specifically to meet the needs of businesses in a number of vertical markets.

Onyx Grou has teamed up with Sentrix in the fight against Distributed Denial of Service Attacks

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