Best year yet for contracting specialist

Contracting specialist Nova Contracting, has delivered its highest ever number of self-assessments, following a record year.

“We’ve had a great start to 2015, with an 11% increase in the number of self-assessments we’ve delivered,” said Nova Contracting’s Director Marcus Green.

“That follows our best year yet, with 2014 seeing a 55 per cent increase in registrations with us on the previous year and the total number of contractors paid at Christmas up 24 per cdnt.

Feedback from our clients suggests that great customer service is at the heart of this, together with confidence in the compliance and value of our payroll solutions.”

Last year, Nova also won the growth award for leading the Insider Growth 100 list, compiled by business magazine Yorkshire Business Insider, recording average growth of more than 214 per cent over five years, with latest turnover of almost £45 million.

The contracting specialist operates across the logistics, industrial, education, healthcare, catering and hospitality sectors, working with the UK’s leading recruitment agencies and contractors to reduce costs, increase profits and deliver flexible employment solutions.

Its specialist team has provided support services to the UK recruitment industry for 14 years, ensuring compliance with HMRC rules and the latest employment legislation.

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