Trace-in-Metal undertakes pilot installations at Yorkshire churches

A revolutionary security system that protects lead roofs from metal thieves has completed a series of pilot installations at churches in Yorkshire.

The work, by Trace-in-Metal, has been carried out to satisfy a rigorous “approved supplier” status for one of the country’s leading insurer of ecclesiastical buildings.

The Trace-in-Metal process sees thousands of microdots infused into lead sheets “marking” them with a unique identifying code.

In addition to being impregnated into the metal, the dots – which are almost invisible to the naked eye – are also painted on to each sheet using an all-weather lacquer that shows up under ultra-violet light.

And, such is the science behind Trace-in-Metal, that even the smelting process cannot destroy the nickel dots and their unique tags.

The firm, which is led by a former police detective and a Swedish ballistics expert worked at four churches in Yorkshire – namely the Church of St Peter, Huddersfield; Church of St Mary, Elland; Church of St Andrew’s, Oakenshaw and All Hallow’s Church, Sutton in the Forest.

It also worked with the Diocese of Lincoln to carry out trials at six of its rural churches –  Church of St Maurice, Horkstow; Church of St Nicholas, Ulceby; Church of St Lawrence, Thornton Curtis; Church of St Mary, Wrawby; Church of St Peter & Paul, Algarkirk and Church of St Peter & Paul, Gosberton.  

Trace-In-Metal Managing director John Minary said: “I would like to thank all the churches which are helping with these pilot installations.

“These trial installations are an opportunity to show, not only the ease of applying the system, but the lasting benefits that Trace-in-Metal brings to communities, parishes and their insurers.”

“Metal theft is big business and is estimated to be costing the UK economy around £220 million a year.”

Trace-In-Metal sales director Paul Batty said: “We have worked very hard in perfecting our unique product. Once a roof is protected by our system, the lead can be traced back to its point of origin – even after the smelting process.

“Most of our clients to date have been the victims of metal thieves on more than one occasion. They are turning to us because of our unique attributes. The simple fact is

Trace-in-Metal is making lead simply too hot to handle!”  

Trace-in Metal being shot into lead

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