UK’s fastest broadband launches in Leeds

The UK’s fastest consumer broadband is now live in Leeds.

Residents of The Basilica, a development in the city centre, are now enjoying gigabit broadband services from Hyperoptic, the UK’s leading Fibre-to-the-Home broadband provider.

Hyperoptic is rolling out services across Leeds. Fibre installation is also underway in other developments within the city, including 20 20 and a number of Eddisons properties, including Skyline, Waterside and Bridgewater Place.

Numerous other developments have also agreed to receive true fibre broadband from Hyperoptic, resulting in thousands of Leeds citizens able to surf the web without compromise in the coming months.

Unlike other broadband providers, Hyperoptic installs fibre directly into a development, enabling symmetric gigabit Fibre-to-the-Home broadband services.

Other broadband providers claim to offer “fibre” broadband, but the fibre actually stops at the “cabinet” (Fibre-to-the-Cabinet).  The consumer still receives their broadband through copper, which is why a consumer doesn’t get the advertised speeds, and the service is subject to distance attenuation, peak-time slow-downs and discrepancies between upload and download speeds.

Hyperoptic focuses on bringing its services into developments with 50 or more units. Installations are prioritised in buildings where there is greatest demand from the freeholder and residents. Once at least ten per cent of residents have registered interest, Hyperoptic works with building management to arrange installation.

Tim Huxtable, national property manager, Hyperoptic, said: “Leeds is a strategic priority for Hyperoptic – we are committed to invest millions over the next five years in telecoms infrastructure, so that residents can have access to world-class connectivity.

“Leeds has been left in the slow lane for too long, with citywide broadband not-spots and an average broadband speed of 18.3Mbps – which can barely cope with today’s broadband demands of streaming, sharing and HD content, let alone tomorrow’s.”

Basilica resident Ross Denton said: “I have been overwhelmed by the experience and affordability of fibre broadband from Hyperoptic. In the past I was frustrated by the ‘up to’ claims of other broadband providers; as a musician and avid gamer, the slowdowns were incessant and exasperating, and my flat-mates didn’t get a look-in.

“With Hyperoptic, I can get a clean connection for the same price, which is at least five times faster, despite the speeds being advertised as the same – or for a little extra, I can get a Gig. It’s transformed my life; plus my flat-mates and my gaming scores have never been higher!”

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