The Works Recruitment & HSBC celebrate International Women’s Day

To mark the anniversary of International Women’s Day – and to honour the occasion and the success of Yorkshire’s business women – specialist recruitment firm, The Works Recruitment,  and HSBC hosted a networking event in Leeds.

Over 70 of Yorkshire’s most influential and inspiring women in business, ranging from lecturers and lawyers to insurers and surveyors gathered together to mark the occasion and celebrate this year’s theme, ‘Make it happen: encouraging effective action for advancing and recognising women’. 

The event saw The Works Recruitment’s non executive director, entrepreneur and angel investor, Rachel Hannan deliver a rousing speech. 

Discussing her own journey, relating it to this year’s theme ‘Make it happen’ and encouraging guests to look for opportunities rather than waiting for them to be presented and to have the faith to believe in themselves. 

She went on to promote a ‘no limits approach to life’, as well as emphasising the importance of inspiring the next generation of young women set to enter the world of business. 

Commenting on the event, The Works Recruitment’s CEO Gillian Johnson said: “We’re delighted that so many influential women attended the event and were able to share our passion for business and chocolate!

“Our aim was to not only celebrate International Women’s Day but to also inspire our guests in their career progression and to get them to think about what more they can do to empower the next generation of women in business. 

“I am passionate about supporting young women, it is our responsibility to help harness their full quota of talent, creativity, intelligence and ingenuity to ensure they go on to enjoy the same level or exceed our success in business.”

Sandy Needham, chief executive West & North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce, said: “It was great to see so many women from such a diverse mix of Yorkshire businesses all joining together to celebrate the fighting spirits of women and their great achievements.

“Of course, there was the added bonus of the celebrations taking place at Hotel Chocolat, the combination of business and indulgent chocolate was such a refreshing departure from the norm.”

Claire Bennett, Common Purpose operations director, said:

“International Women’s Day has given us the opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate all that women have contributed, not only in business but society in general.

“I hope that this year’s theme, ‘Make it happen’, will not only motivate women to take the next step, but to also share their experiences and help inspire others.

“The combination of celebrating women’s achievements, whilst enjoying chocolate was a genius idea!”

Gillian Johnson

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