New product puts the wow factor into classroom science

Education experts Cornerstones have created a new hands-on science product to help primary school pupils investigate the wonders of the world in their own classroom.

The creative curriculum company will launch “Love to Investigate” to coincide with British Science Week which runs from March 13 – 22.

The new resource pack is designed to help teachers and pupils safely set up, carry out and evaluate more than 100 scientific investigations.

It includes a range of practical investigations that challenge pupils to measure rain drops, analyse the mud on their wellies and assess exactly how clean their hands are.

Each investigation has been designed and tested by Cornerstones’ resident science expert and former research scientist Dr Fran Barnes.

Fran said: “Love to Investigate provides teachers with a collection of practical investigations that encourage children to explore the natural world and understand fascinating scientific phenomena.

“It is designed to inspire teachers, motivate children and support and improve practical science teaching in schools.

“I am a firm believer in hands-on science and think children should be encouraged to be curious; explore, investigate and test their own ideas.

“Science has always had the ‘wow factor’ for me and I believe science lessons need to be interesting, absorbing, exciting and relevant.”

As ambassador for the STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths), Fran spent nine years working as a scientist in research laboratories and five years working in education championing accessible science in UK schools, before joining Cornerstones.

The “Love to Investigate” resource pack has been developed in line with the new primary science curriculum and gives teachers expert advice on how to plan and carry out investigations and enquiries across all science programmes of study.

It includes information on how to introduce scientific concepts, teach key practical skills and help children to understand and develop their scientific learning.

Love to Investigate is the latest product for primary schools to be launched by Cornerstones. The creative learning format of all its imaginative learning projects is designed to help children think for themselves; encouraging them to engage, develop, innovate and express themselves, while at the same time providing comprehensive coverage of the national curriculum.

British Science Week is organised by the British Science Association to promote and celebrate science, technology, engineering and maths.

Cornerstones, established in 2010, supplies its curriculum materials to more than 1,100 schools in England and Wales. The Cornerstones Hub, launched last year, provides the 20,000 teachers using their curriculum materials easy access to online resources to support planning, delivery and assessment.

Cornerstones' Fran Barnes with Sheffield Reignhead Primary pupils Shannon White and Zakk Towers
Cornerstones’ Fran Barnes with Sheffield Reignhead Primary pupils Shannon White and Zakk Towers


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