Investors wasting thousands of pounds per year searching for the right acquisition opportunities

Investors are wasting thousands of pounds a year on travel expenses and ineffective networking events – and yet still not finding the high value acquisition opportunities that suit them.

That’s according to research conducted by dealconnections, the ‘online dating site for businesses’ created by serial investor and tech entrepreneur James Waterhouse.

dealconnections also says that, to gain a complete view of the business-for-sale market in the UK using outmoded networking methods, an investor would have to make contact with 650 vendor advisors and more than 15,000 individuals at any one time – as this is the current size of their data gathering network; with no more than 8 per cent of their total deals coming from any single contributor.

Investors could instead access the kinds of deals they are looking for and have the information at their fingertips using a mobile phone, tablet or laptop, for just £1 per day.

James Waterhouse is adamant that dealconnections puts the ability to match investors with the exact business-for-sale opportunities to fit their profile without them having to leave the office and incur large and unnecessary costs.

He said: “The market for high value acquisition opportunities is incredibly opaque, and investors with capital can struggle to find the opportunities they’re looking for.

“With deal opportunities of this type, management teams and sellers are wary of making their intention to sell public. This is a stumbling block for investors, who have to use an incredible amount of their precious time and effort in networking and putting out speculative enquiries – which often get them no closer to finding their ideal deal.”

Mr Waterhouse recognised these struggles in his own work as an investor, and in 2014 began to look for a new way of bringing together sellers and acquisitive companies and individuals.

Inspired by online dating sites, and their use of criteria to match potential partners, Waterhouse set out to create an online service that would match investors with their perfect high net-worth deal.

dealconnections sources information, on an hour-by-hour basis, from accountants, business brokers, advisors, other consolidators and its own research, to offer visibility of over 90 per cent of high value businesses for sale in the UK.

Users can search for deals based on sector, revenue and region to filter their results, making it quick and easy to find their ideal acquisition opportunity.

The service works on a subscription basis, with prices starting from less than £1 a day.

Mr Waterhouse added: “Many investors receive hundreds of emails every week with deal notifications. The issue is that reading through all of this to filter out the precious few that match their interest is simply too time consuming for a busy origination team.”

“dealconnections only shows you businesses you have flagged as relevant and provides an almost complete view of the market – meaning you never need to look anywhere else”

“To access the 90 per cent of the market the dealconnections proposition and service offers equates to networking with 15,000 individuals – which is many people’s worst nightmare!

“Now an investor can search for their ideal acquisition opportunity from the comfort of their own home or office, for less than the price of their morning coffee.”

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