Leeds agency builds pioneering new online platform, TotallyTween

Leeds-based creative and digital marketing agency, Headland, has built a pioneering online platform aimed specifically at “tweens” – girls aged eight-12 – which goes live today.

TotallyTween (www.TotallyTween.co.uk ) is the brainchild of two successful businesswomen and mums, Clare Vincent and Gina Walter, who spent 12 months meticulously researching the unique needs of young people who are in the transition period between being a child and a teen, experiencing rapid physical and emotional change.

The platform, which has been designed with input from tweens, aims to be the “go-to” source for information, discussion, opinion and sharing on fashion, style, beauty, entertainment, film, music, books, TV, social, cooking, health and fitness, trends and all manner of issues that are of interest to this exciting and eclectic young audience.

Clare Vincent said: “Our tweens want to discover and create trends, not be spoon-fed them.   The look, feel and style of the entire site and its content are current and imaginative, and it’s been designed with tween input.”

Ken Heptonstall, founder and managing director of Headland, said:  “We are delighted to be collaborating with Clare and Gina on this innovative design and technical project for eight to 12 year olds. 

“There are very few places on the web where tweens can go safely for discussion and the exchange of ideas.   We are confident that it will quickly become a much talked about website for tweens.”

The site boasts a unique feature TT Design which enables tweens to either use existing images or create their own designs on a host of clothing and accessories from bags to t-shirts and hoodies, which they can purchase online.

Gina Walter said: “Our target market is too young for Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat but our forum TT Trending will enable tweens to discuss relevant topics in open and safe threads. 

“One of our key areas of research has been safety as it’s clearly paramount to demonstrate to parents that their tweens are safe as well as fulfilling the social and creative needs of the tweens.”

TotallyTween will follow best practice for safety online.  It is utilising MySafeTXT,  a sophisticated integrated suite of moderation tools, developed by  KidsOKOnline (KOKO), to help keep its online community safe.  KOKO has helped build child safety into a number of high profile children’s websites including the Harry Potter social reading site Pottermore and the Barnardo’s Children’s Community site.

Ken Heptonstall MD Headland
Ken Heptonstall, MD of Headland

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