Former agency founder puts his money where his mouth is!

Shane Quigley, former co-founder of digital marketing agency Epiphany, is putting his industry expertise into practice with the launch of e-commerce business, Earth Bathrooms.

Having established a highly successful agency, which was acquired by Jaywing PLC in March 2014 for £18m, Shane has dealt with his fair share of frustration around client inertia and budget restrictions.

He said: “It was always the clients that truly embraced our ideas and weren’t afraid to try new things that succeeded.”

This experience has spurred him on to build his own e-commerce business around his extensive digital marketing knowledge, bringing on an in house team of experts to take on the big names of the bathroom industry.

Earth Bathrooms aims to act as a breath of fresh air for the online bathroom sector, doing away with constant sale promotions and instead delivering consistently low prices for beautifully designed and quality products. Unlike other brands, customer service is at the forefront of everything the business does and underpins its approachable, transparent and helpful messaging.

He added: “Ten years from now, in an era of truly global retail, everyone will be offering similar products at similar prices and it will be good old fashioned customer service that again becomes the true mark of how much you can trust a brand.”

Currently offering bathroom furniture and accessories, the business is set to expand rapidly in the near future, bringing on full ranges of furniture and homewares to develop the brand into an all-encompassing home improvements and interiors offering under the more generic ‘earth’ name.

Having launched quietly in January, Earth Bathrooms is already seeing around 50 per cent month-on-month growth and is garnering very positive customers reviews for its excellent service levels.

Commenting on the strategy behind the business, Shane said: “I truly believe in ‘practicing what you preach’ and I relish the challenge of putting my marketing and technology expertise to the test with this new venture.

“My business growth and agency background gives me the benefit of having a broad yet granular view of what works and what doesn’t across a number of e-commerce sectors, as well as a complete understanding of the team expertise needed to make this a success.

“A lot of companies avoid growing their in house resources due to uncertainty around the required skillsets, and the confidence and knowledge we have to do the exact opposite will be a great competitive advantage.”

Shane Quigley
Shane Quigley

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