Let’s see a manifesto for modern workers, says Leeds contracting specialist

As political parties jockey for position with their General Election pledges, a Leeds based contracting specialist has called for a manifesto for modern workers.

Nova Contracting director, Marcus Green, said modern working patterns were more flexible than ever before and needed policies and commitments to support them.

“I’m less than impressed with the level of debate from all sides and I’m not seeing any real recognition from any of the parties about the continued growth in demand for temporary workers and, equally, the increased popularity of flexible working for many people,” said Marcus.

“We need a manifesto for modern workers, which gives clarity for temporary workforce and support for compliant and responsible companies.”

A recent REC survey on flexible working found that one in three people in Great Britain had worked as a contractor, freelancer or agency worker at some point in their career and 41 per cent were considering working that way in the future.

The research suggested that people valued flexible working solutions as giving them more choice over their work-life balance.

“We’ve worked hard to ensure tax-compliant solutions for agencies and contractors, which meet HMRC demands,” added Marcus.

“That combination is essential if we are to meet the continued growth in demand for temporary workers from businesses and organisations across the UK.”

Marcus Green
Marcus Green

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