Farrell and Clark helps support sustainable learning at the University of Bradford

Architects Farrell and Clark, having designed the innovative Bright Building at the University of Bradford, now go a step further and support the University and its local community by providing interior furnishings to enhance the building’s learning facilities.

The building, completed in 2014, showcases low-energy development and construction at its best, and expands the University’s relationship with the wider community, offering several areas of activity.

The re:centre includes facilities which can be used to excite and teach local school groups about all aspects of sustainability. As Farrell & Clark have completed many school building projects around Bradford they were keen to support a facility which combined their passions for education and sustainability by providing a teaching room to bring greater awareness about the environment to young people.

Farrell and Clark have supplied flexible tables, chairs and stools costing around £6000 which are suitable for school groups to use when undertaking practical work.

The re:centre can also be used by micro businesses as a flexible, collaborative office space, is available to hire for conferences and seminars and functions as a conduit between university staff, students, and business clients, partners and stakeholders.

Paul Jagger, Partner at Farrell and Clark, said: “It has been an honourto have been involved in the design of this amazing building and we are delighted to have the opportunity to further support the University in their goal to provide a facility for local school children which encourages an interest in the environment.

It is a building that is designed around the occupants, and as such will provide a productive and healthy environment for people to work in comfort.  We hope that the furnishings provided will add the final element in making this an outstanding facility.”

Farrell and Clark, who have a reputation for delivering quality architecture in the public and commercial sectors for 30 years, were appointed by The University of Bradford following their extensive experience of delivering complex campus projects at many of the Northern Universities.

The furniture in use at the re:centre

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