Commercial insurance broker throws down Gauntlet in haulage insurance sector

A commercial insurance broker has demonstrated its commitment to delivering a compelling proposition for haulage operators nationwide, by recruiting two top haulage insurance professionals, ready to drive a hard bargain on behalf of their customers.

Leeds-based Gauntlet Group has recruited Matthew Humm and Thomas O’Connell, two experienced haulage and fleet sector insurance specialists, who know exactly how to steer haulage operators in the right direction when it comes to their insurance needs.

The first, Matthew Humm, has a wealth of haulage experience and knowledge, which is enabling him to drive Gauntlet’s book of business, while increasing Gauntlet Haulage’s brand awareness within the road freight sector.

The second, Thomas O’Connell, is an insurance and sales specialist with proven entrepreneurial drive. With a wealth of experience in fleet insurance, he has taken previous sales teams to record levels of success and shown his ability to contribute impressive revenue streams, through effective lead-generation activities.

Gauntlet director, Ian McCarron, said: “Our recruitment of Matthew and Thomas demonstrates how serious we are about becoming a market leader within the haulage insurance sector. 

“We are already seeing significant growth within Gauntlet Haulage Insurance, having integrated the experience of these employees with Gauntlet systems and Gauntlet’s buying power in the market. 

“This means that hauliers can get the best policies for their needs, at the most palatable price, which is exactly what haulage operators want from their insurance broker.”

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