Angela Fan nominated as Business Woman of the Year!

Angela Fan,managing director of Study Links, has been nominated as Business Woman of the Year in the Bradford Means Business Awards.

Having established the business in 1998, her drive to see students succeed during their studies in the UK and beyond, has seen the business’ reputation grow from strength to strength.

Starting out as a husband and wife team, Study Links has evolved into the business you see today – a devoted company with Angela leading a team of 12 who speak nine languages and have a wealth of experience in the education sector.

As well as the office based team, Angela also heads up a network of over 20 equally experienced freelance staff based around the country. With a strong family ethos still at its core, Study Links offers the highest quality of care for international students studying in the UK.  With 24 nationalities of students, and trusted by hundreds of schools and universities alike, Study Links has grown through the hard work and dedication Angela has instilled in all staff.

Angela’s personal values are at the heart of Study Links – Principled; Positive; Attentive; Accomplished; Fresh!  Underpinning all of our services is the belief that students must leave our care with more confidence, higher academic success, and great memories that will last their lifetime.

More important to us than the growth of the company and the reputation we have globally, is the success and development of our students.  It is through putting the student first, and supporting their families during what can be a nervous time having their student thousands of miles from home, that Study Links stands before you today as a trusted company who have the pleasure of looking after generations of families coming to study in the UK.

Over the years, Angela’s leadership has seen Study Links develop into a business who not only concentrate on how we can promote UK education overseas, but who also focus on concern for the wider environment and community.

Study Links now work hard to focus on their green initiative, and in the past 12 months we have seen staff speak at schools about the benefits of cultural integration and working overseas, developed the international centres and cultural exchange opportunities at both independent and state schools, and have also made a concerted effort to give to local and international charities both within education and for charities close to the heart of staff and students.

Angela has the traits of a good businesswoman in that she has seen a need, filled it, and provided even more than the customers realised was possible – helping to raise the bar for what a good guardianship company should offer.

To provide the best level of care, Angela has expanded the services we can offer our students, no longer just providing guardianship and applications, but offering private tuition, opportunities for cultural exchanges between schools, work experience opportunities for students, and much more!

Angela has built a company that focus’ on the clients’ needs, continually adapting to the ever changing, and very demanding market.  But as a successful leader, she also devotes the same care and attention that she offers students, to her employees.

The work environment is somewhere staff can feel safe, supported, encouraged and inspired – and of course where they can continue to learn!  By investing in the growth of students, staff and the company, care and education is truly at the heart of Study Links.

The Study Links team are thrilled that Angela has received this recognition, not only for the business she has grown and developed, but for the thousands of lives she has had such a positive impact on throughout her journey as a successful businesswoman. Congratulations Angela!

Study Links student, Theresa Liang, said: “Angela Fan is the kindest guardian and she speaks Cantonese very well. I always chat with her and she has given me the confidence to study in England.

“She is very friendly and invites my parents for dinner. The staff at Study Links have helped me a lot by finding nice homestays, ordering transport and helping me when I wanted to change school.

Other students in my school also give excellent comments about Study Links. I’m glad to be one of their students and I will be happy to continue guardianship whilst I study in England.”

Study Links parent, Vivian Chung, said: “My daughter has been under the care of Angela and her team for four years. Due to Angela’s professional experience and her pragmatism, her team’s care to my daughter was aptly balanced without spoiling her, giving her boundaries while she went through her studies in the UK, thus strengthening her independent thinking.

“Nevertheless, in special situations that required swift intervention and assistance, Angela was appropriately there for my daughter to her immediate and long term benefits.”

Study Links Angela Fan
Study Links’s Angela Fan

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