Yorkshire entrepreneurs modernise Yorkshire’s commercial property sector

From today, commercial property surveyors in Yorkshire will, for the first time, have the power to directly share and access high quality property transaction details through a new platform called edozo that aims to transform the sector.

Property details, or comparables as they are technically known, are the lifeblood of the industry; yet current methods of data sharing are still predominantly based on gentleman’s good will and old-fashioned networking.

Marcus Ginn, CEO of edozo, said: “edozo improves and speeds up the ability of a commercial surveyor to access the information they need within Yorkshire, putting control into the hands of the surveyors themselves. As a cloud storage platform, edozo enables them to have the information they need at their fingertips.”

edozo is creating a close online community for commercial surveyors and it is the first, and only, niche social network dedicated to the industry. During the testing stages, over 1000 property details were added to the database. This means that edozo will be an invaluable resource for surveyors from day one.

Ben Walker, an Associate at Carter Towler, who was involved in the testing said: “edozo is the first place I look for comparable evidence. Now, I don’t need to contact the surveyor, because their comparables on edozo have all the information I need.”

Colin Hunter, Divisional Director at Lambert Smith Hampton, also involved in the testing added: “I can’t do my job without accurate comparable evidence. edozo is the place to find it”.

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