Gastronomy Plus purchases iconic Peter Maturi brand

Prospering foodie company Gastronomy Plus has purchased the iconic Peter Maturi brand.

Peter Maturi, provider of high quality knifeware and kitchen essentials, played a formative role in the cooking heritage of the North for over a hundred years.

He began a knife and scissor sharpening service in 1899, when he opened his first shop in Leeds city centre. Expanding from a mobile workshop to a provider of the world’s highest quality knives, Gastronomy Plus is proud to resurrect Peter Maturi’s finely crafted tradition today.

The family owned company shut up shop on its brick and mortar stores last year, but Gastronomy Plus has resurrected this historic brand with its recent acquisition, continuing it’s traditional of supplying exceptional standard of knives and supporting cutlery to professional chefs and home foodies alike.

“We’re really excited to work with such a well-known and much loved brand,” says Alex Shannon, owner and managing director of Gastronomy Plus.

“We’re looking forward to using our expertise to build on Peter Maturi’s outstanding reputation in serving customers old and new.”

As experts in quality cooking, Gastronomy Plus is bringing a passion for culinary techniques to both professionals and a wider retail industry.

Continuing its brand ethos of delivering exceptional food through quality cooking equipment and techniques, Alex and the team behind Peter Maturi are working hard to offer specialist, high quality knifeware to those in working in a professional kitchen and those who are aspiring to improve their home cooking.

He added: “We believe in getting the very best out of our food and we want to share our passion and expertise with both professional chefs and everyone at home.

“We want to provide restaurant quality equipment at great value prices, helping the public to create their own exquisite dining experiences at home, whilst also supporting the growth of high-standard professional kitchens.”


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