Music industry leaders to gather in Leeds

Some of the nation’s most successful music industry leaders will be coming to Leeds in September to speak at a brand new conference called Music HubTalks, geared towards music industry professionals in the North.

This exciting new initiative is being held by start-up Creative Industry Hub, and will take place at the Met Hotel, close to Leeds City Centre train station for 250 delegates, covering a wide range of topics.

The event is being held to inspire music industry professionals and inform them of the latest trends and insights as well as giving them the opportunity to network with other industry professionals.

The speakers include Jason Perry, Grammy-winning international songwriter and producer/lead singer of the rock band ‘A; Paul Conroy, former president of BMG Chrysalis Records and Virgin Records; Jon Skinner, CEO of Music Gateway;  Laura Westcott, CEO of Soundcheque; and Pete Downton, CCO of 7Digital to speak on a wide variety of subjects.

Jason Perry is originally from Leeds, but moved to London with his twin brother Adam in the 90’s, and later went on to be hugely successful in the rock band ‘A,’ followed by numerous number one hits with McFly and Molotov, where he recently picked up a Grammy award. ‘A’ have gotten back together to headline a stage at Download Festival this year.

Jason will be returning home to speak on his 20 years of music industry expertise at this exciting conference in Leeds.

Music HubTalks is being held in partnership with JTV Digital. Leeds-based venue, recording and rehearsal studios, Eiger Studios will be sponsoring and exhibiting at the event which is a one day affair held on a Sunday, alongside Horus Music, the global music distribution company, SX Pro, a pro audio retailer based near London, and Laniakea Music, the artist-focussed YouTube Multi-Channel Network.

George Taylor, the founder and director of Creative Industry Hub, moved to Leeds from London in July last year and noticed that there wasn’t much support for creative industry professionals in the North.

He previously set up ‘Strictly Go Networking,’ London’s number one chain of creative networking events, and hopes to replicate his previous success on a larger scale with HubTalks events for Music, Fashion, Film and Art professionals in the North and the South.

George, who is also organising a fashion conference in Manchester for February 2016, said: “When I was running Strictly Go Networking in London, I used to have a lot of people travel from all around the country with a large amount of attendees from the North.

“I frequently received emails from creative professionals in the North,’ so I am hoping this initiative will improve people’s careers, businesses and knowledge and be equally as successful although I don’t want to alienate my previous customers from the South, so I’ll be holding these events in the North and South region.”

Jon Skinner, CEO of Music Gateway who is speaking at the event, said: “Even with Music Gateway’s global demographic, we still see a lot of activity from our UK users from the North. I’m really looking forward to taking part in the panel and re-engaging with this area of the industry.”

Those music professionals who would like to get a ticket for Music HubTalks in Leeds on the September 6, or find out more about how Creative Industry Hub can support your career or business, should visit:


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