Iron Throne puts retailer up for two awards

Specialist golf retailer Direct Golf has been nominated for two marketing awards for its work with its iconic Iron Throne.

The Yorkshire-based retailer is up for two “gongs” in the Chartered Institute of Marketing’s CIM Northern Awards 2015, to be announced later this month.

It has been recognised for its work – alongside its digital marketing agency, twentysix – in the categories of digital marketing campaign of the year and best low budget campaign.

The Iron Throne was created to tie up with the launch of the fifth season of fantasy TV show Game of Thrones® which began on the final day of The Masters. It is six-feet high, weighs around 140kg, was created from some 320 golf clubs and took more than 120 man hours to produce – and it created quite a stir worldwide as images of it went viral, proving popular with fans of both the TV series and the sport of golf.

The idea for the throne came about in a Direct Golf brainstorming session and was produced by Jake Miller, at Dead Beats Create, while the digital marketing campaign was masterminded by the search team at digital agency twentysix in Leeds.

Sean Walsh, account director at twentysix, said: “It’s been really refreshing working with the team at Direct Golf who have been brave and ambitious allowing us to do something incredibly creative like the Iron Throne.

“It’s the most innovative SEO link generation and online PR campaign we’ve ever worked on and the results achieved have been phenomenal. The campaign has had worldwide coverage since it launched and managed to generate tweets and ‘likes’ into the thousands, which is extremely impressive given the relatively low cost of the entire project.

“We’re regularly pushing the boundaries of what constitutes ‘content’ – there’s a lot of businesses out there doing infographics and video, but something like the Iron Throne shows how you can do so much more.”

Simon Corp, Direct Golf’s marketing manager, added: “We are delighted to be nominated for two such prestigious marketing awards. I know it’s a cliché for people to stand up and thank others in this situation, but the Iron Throne genuinely was a complete team effort.

“The concept came up in a brainstorming session; the guys in the warehouse bought into it quickly and collected the clubs; Jake created it; and Sean and the team at Twentysix were instrumental in pushing the story far and wide on social media and the internet.

“Simply being nominated is also good for the game of golf too. Often the sport is portrayed, incorrectly, as being staid and old-fashioned. This reached out to a whole new demographic and hopefully enlightened a completely new audience about the sport.”

Direct Golf has enjoyed massive growth in 24 successful years of trading. Starting with one small shop in Huddersfield, it now has 21 retail outlets nationwide and a significant portion of the web and mail order golf market.

n The winners of the awards will be announced at the prestigious award ceremony on Wednesday, June 24, at the Royal Armouries Museum, Leeds following the CIM Northern Conference.

The Iron Throne

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