Bird’s eye view of Magna

A family of kestrels has set up home in the giant letter M on the outside of Magna Science Adventure Centre.

The birds of prey have been spotted by staff flying to the nest to feed the chicks over the last few weeks.

The nest in the middle of the letter is about 80 feet above the entrance to the venue.

Chief executive John Silker said: “We get all sorts of visitors to Magna, so we are delighted to welcome our feathered friends and will be keeping a close eye to make sure the young ones fledge successfully.”

Yorkshire Wildlife Trust’s director of development, Jono Leadley, said: “It is great to see a pair of kestrels taking up residence on the Magna building.

“While many eyes have focussed on the increase of urban-nesting peregrines in recent years – which we celebrate of course – fewer people have noticed the decline in kestrels in our countryside.

“It is unclear why kestrel populations have reduced, but habitat change, agricultural intensification and use of rodenticides could be to blame. To see this pair nesting here in a relatively unusual location is great; let’s hope they successfully rear their brood.”

Magna is based in the giant former Templeborough steelworks near junction 34 of the M1. As well as a visitor attraction, it regularly hosts school visits and is a corporate venue.

Magna kestrels
A kestrel flying out of the letter M

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