Photographer holds workshop with Skipton students

Award winning photographer Stephen Garnett has been helping students from The Skipton Academy focus on their image.

The former Craven Herald photographer – and a past pupil at the school himself – revealed some of the tricks of his trade to students during a day-long workshop with a group of seven youngsters.

Now, pictures taken by the year nine youngsters during the event, held at Bolton Abbey, will go on display at the historic priory church.

Stephen said: “The students were keen and interested in getting the best from their cameras. We talked and practised a range of ideas and thought about some of the many things photographers need to consider in order to get amazing pictures.

“I enjoyed myself immensely – the students were a great bunch to work with and I am really looking forward to seeing the work on display at the priory.”

The pupils, all keenly interested in photography, were able to discover more about potentially pursuing their hobby as a career.

Principal Wendy Hamilton said: “We were delighted to have the opportunity for our students to work with Stephen, who as everyone in Craven knows, is a highly talented photographer.

“It was an inspirational day, made more so as Stephen is a former pupil himself. He was able to share the story of his photographic career as well as passing on some great tips and advice to our students.”

The pictures will be on display at Bolton Abbey Priory at a future date.

Students with SG
Award winning photographer Stephen Garnett with the Skipton students

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