Hambleton Council calls for sites

Landowners and agents across Hambleton are being asked to submit details of any land they have available which is suitable for developing over the next fifteen years.

The “Call for Sites” process will form part of the work the district council is doing in preparation of a new Local Plan for the District.

The plan which will set out the policies by which applications for new developments will be considered, will also identify developable land suitable for housing, employment, mixed use and recreation up to 2035.

Sites must be located within, adjacent or close to an existing settlement and be capable of development within the plan period.  Sites which are in the open countryside or which do not relate well to an existing settlement will not be considered suitable for inclusion within the Plan and should not be submitted. 

It should also be noted that the submission of a site does not guarantee it would be suitable for development or taken forward in the plan.

The council would also like local communities to identify areas of ‘local green space’ which they feel are demonstrably special to their communities and should be protected from new development. 

The site assessment form can be completed online at www.hambleton.gov.uk/survey/callforsites and hard copies are available from the main council office at Civic Centre, Stone Cross, Northallerton and the district offices at Easingwold and Stokesley. Forms should be submitted by Friday 4 September 2015.  

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