Local community invited to a taste medieval history at Leeds event

This July marks the 22nd annual International Medieval Congress when more than two thousand of the world’s most knowledgeable medievalists will descend on the University of Leeds for what is Europe’s largest annual gathering in humanities – with papers covering all aspects and time periods of the study of the European Middle Ages.

With various different celebrations around the country this year to celebrate the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta and TV’s Game of Thrones as popular as ever, the interest in medieval history and the study of the European Middles Ages continues to grow.

And the people of Leeds are invited to join in with a series of events open to the public, both on and off the University campus, including historical crafts such as mail armour production, long bows, textile production and dyeing and even surgical instruments. The local community is also invited to enjoy samples of medieval-inspired food and drink, falconry displays, medieval musicians and fighting displays.

There is even a walking tour of Leeds city centre which traces the history of Leeds from medieval settlement to one of the most important business centres in the UK.

Focusing on the theme of Reform this year, the Congress will offer 2,400 delegates from 46 countries more than 600 academic sessions and 1,700 lectures, as well as a wide range of concerts, performances, readings, round tables, excursions, book fairs and associated events.

In the past 21 years, The International Medieval Congress at the University of Leeds has presented over 21,000 papers to over 12,000 visitors, bringing more than £10 million into the city and surrounding areas.

Director of the International Medieval Congress at University of Leeds, Axel Müller said: “The public are encouraged to come along and get involved in this medieval extravaganza. There are numerous events for people to join in and experience medieval culture, craft and cuisine.”



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