Army at Great Yorkshire Show to recruit regulars and reservists

Regular and Reserve units from across northern England will be based at the Great Yorkshire Show’s military village to showcase the diverse range of full- and part-time job opportunities available in the British Army.

Equipment on display will include a Warrior armoured fighting vehicle, a Jackal armoured vehicle, a rocket launcher and an AS90 self-propelled howitzer. In addition there will be an inflatable assault course, a bungee run, a climbing wall and a wrecking ball.

The Kings Division Band and The Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers Modern Band, based at Catterick Garrison in North Yorkshire, are also be performing a number of sets during the three-day event.

Other local Regular and Reserve units that will be displaying their skills and equipment at the military village include 4th Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment (based in Fulford, York), 217 Squadron 150 Transport Regiment Royal Logistics Corps (based in Leeds) and 106 Field Squadron 21 Regiment Royal Engineers (based in Ripon).

Research, commissioned as part of the British Army’s recruitment campaign, has revealed that 67 per cent of people from Yorkshire and the Humber would consider voluntary or paid work on top of their day job. Some of the main things that people said were missing from their current career include the opportunity to travel (22 per cent), a challenging and exciting role (22 per cent), the chance to stay fit and active (17 per cent), and the ability to get paid while gaining qualifications (13 per cent).1

The Army’s recruitment campaign highlights that all of these opportunities are available to those serving in the Regular Army and Army Reserve. British Army officers and soldiers have the chance to travel in the UK and abroad, gain professional qualifications, be paid to train, and perform a huge variety of exciting and challenging roles.

Unlike many civilian jobs, those serving in the Regular Army are paid a full salary while training, have clear promotion paths and are given 38 days of holiday every year.

The Army is also the UK’s largest provider of apprenticeships, offering recruits nationally recognised qualifications that they can build upon during and after their military careers, in more than 45 different trades. Those serving in the Army Reserve are paid to train with world class instructors and travel the world alongside the Regular Army, with a minimum commitment of just 19 days a year.

Director general, Army Recruiting and Training Division, Major General Chris Tickell said: “This research tells us that people in Yorkshire feel their jobs are lacking challenge, adventure, the chance to travel and a clear long-term career path – all of which are available at a world-class standard with the Regular Army or Army Reserve.

“No two days are the same – not only do soldiers have the opportunity to protect their country, but also to help others through the provision of humanitarian aid.

“The Army really does have something to offer everyone, whether you want to begin your career, use and improve your existing workplace skills, or try your hand at something completely different.

“The Army isn’t just a job, it is a way of life, and you have the ability to build your confidence, develop your leadership skills and form relationships that are stronger than you will ever find elsewhere.” 

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