Rotherham printing specialists secure national contract

Rotherham based print specialist, Gala Graphics has reached its first milestone after securing a major contract with international business giants, Virgin Media.

After being contacted by Map UK, one of Virgin Media’s contractors, Gala Graphics secured a 94 van branding contract.

Incorporated in early 2014, Gala Graphics is a subsidiary of the UK’s largest marquee and gazebo distributor, Gala Tent.

Formed when Gala Tent’s in-house printing department expanded to become a fully autonomous business in its own right, Gala Graphics has continued to grow and hopes that the Virgin Media contract will be the first of many large contracts.

Gala Graphics’ director Tom Madden said: “Being able to secure large contracts with national giants such as Virgin Media is excellent for us. The key to securing contracts like this was our diversification.

“Initially the business offered vinyl and dye sublimation printing on marquees and gazebos, but as the business grew we were able to specialise in printing an extensive range of products from signage to leaflets.”

Due to the company’s exceptional growth over the past 12 months, Gala Tent’s managing director, Jason Mace is planning an expansion.

He said: “We’ve previously expanded our existing premises in order to house Gala Graphics, this contract has meant growth exceeded all expectation and so we’re currently looking to move into larger premises, near our existing site in Rotherham.

“Gala Graphics has quadrupled in size over the past 12 months and goes to show the decision to launch Gala Tent’s printing department as an independent business in order to provide a higher level of quality than our competitors at a lower price was the right decision.”

Gala Graphics has secured a major contract with Virgin Media


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