Dramatic new website launched for West Yorkshire Playhouse

West Yorkshire Playhouse has undergone a major transformation with the launch of a new website and online booking system, developed by Huddersfield-based web agency, Splitpixel Creative.

Following an ambitious rebrand, West Yorkshire Playhouse approached Splitpixel Creative to design and build a brand new website which would refresh the theatre’s online presence and introduce a new booking system.

Splitpixel designed the website around the energetic new branding, with the theatre’s dramatic imagery at the forefront.  One of the key challenges was to incorporate more than 200 pages into the website whilst ensuring that key information is easy to find and that users enjoy their time browsing the website from a PC, smartphone or tablet.

Greg Smuk, director at Splitpixel Creative, said: “Our aim was to ensure the site was accessible for all users, and make it easy to book tickets throughout.  As there were already a couple of hundred pages packed with content, we focused on highlighting important information using clever expanding boxes.  We also included clear calls to action so that visitors could easily book tickets no matter where they are on the site.”

It is also easier than ever for theatre-goers to book tickets online thanks to Spektrix, the sophisticated online booking system that was integrated by Splitpixel.  Visitors to the site can book tickets directly from the homepage or take some time to browse the site and discover more about the Playhouse’s varied offering. 

Dedicated support from Splitpixel’s technical team ensured that the transition to the new booking system was seamless and integrated effectively with the theatre’s new Box Office system.

Nick Hallam, marketing and communications director at West Yorkshire Playhouse said: “We are very pleased with our relationship with Splitpixel.  They were part of a major project for us, which included coordinating the installation of a new ticketing system (requiring complex integration with the website) and a major rebrand to all happen on the same day as the launch of the new website.

“Splitpixel delivered on time and on budget with no fuss and no drama; the whole process was the most straightforward project with which I have been involved in over 20 years of working in theatre. 

“Despite the main holdup actually being us supplying copy, they remained generous and supportive in the time and energy they dedicated to the development process.  I am looking forward to working with them over many years to come.”

Mr Smuk added: “We built the new website using responsive design, which means that it looks great on any screen size, from mobile up to desktop.  Our designers and developers had to work closely throughout the project to achieve this and both our team and the client were pleased with the results.”

The new website is already proving popular with Playhouse customers and the theatre has seen a significant uptake of traffic to the website in the first four weeks since the site was launch.

Huddersfield-based web agency, Splitpixel Creative, has created the new website

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