Leeds cocktail bar launches new menu with prohibition party

Leeds cocktail bar, Jake’s Bar and Still Room, is heading back to the roaring 20’s, hosting its very own prohibition party to celebrate the launch of its innovative new cocktail menu.

Taking place from 7pm on September 10, Jake’s will pay homage to the prohibition era, transforming the venue into a speakeasy candlelit den. Guests will be able to enjoy two cocktails from the new menu for just £9 until 10pm and entry will be free.

The iconic bar has long been recognised for it’s leading drinks expertise and is known for having one of the best and most varied cocktail menus in Leeds. The new menu includes exciting and imaginative new creations from the mind of Jake’s Bar’s General Manager, David West and his team.

Their new recipes feature Jake’s Bar and Still’s own homemade liqueurs and distillates, created onsite in their copper pot still, Tabitha, a traditional piece of 3,000 year-old technology.

Jake’s Bar and Still Room is one of a handful of bars in the country that make their own liqueurs and distillates. The range is regularly developed to reflect the changing fashions and flavours of the seasons.

Homemade liqueurs and distillates on the current menu include: Jake’s Bars Barrel-aged Sweet Vermouth; Nino Brown Coffee Liqueur; Limoncello; and Blackberry Liqueur.

The bar’s team have also created a range of homemade syrups and jams especially for the new cocktail menu, which include Wild Strawberry Syrup; homemade Rum Infused Rhubarb Jam and homemade Tropical Almond Syrup.

Jake’s, which turned 10 last year, is famed for putting the city of Leeds back on the cocktail map and was founder, Ged Feltham’s brainchild after spending time in the speakeasy bars of the East Village , New York. The new cocktail menu goes back to the bar’s roots and includes more American whisky and bourbon cocktails, much like the very first cocktail menu they had.

Launched on Call Lane, Leeds in September 2004, Jake’s is part of the Leelex Group that also owns and operates other Leeds venues such as Oporto, Neon Cactus, Cielo Blanco, Pintura Basque Kitchen and Bar as well as the Portobello Star and the Ginstitute on Portobello Road in London.

The company’s portfolio also boasts the successful spirit Portobello Road Gin with sales of the no.1 selling premium brand exceeding more than 1m last year and is one of the fastest growing gin brands in the world.

Jake’s copper pot still, Tabitha


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