Middle East finance company banks on UK cooling technology in the desert heat

Specialist UK engineering firm Aqua Cooling, which has an office in York, has completed on its latest Middle East export deal by installing data centre cooling systems in one of the world’s hottest countries.

Supplied to the Bahrain offices of a major Middle Eastern finance group, the job of Aqua’s ColdLogik Rear Door Coolers will be to keep the bank’s computer room cool despite the region’s searing desert heat.

The cooling system, which is equipped with Aqua Cooling’s Queen’s Award-winning leak prevention (LPS) technology, also has the capacity to use the local chiller water supply if the community’s distribution network fails in the face of summer air temperatures that can often soar above 50 degrees centigrade.

Designed to revolutionise traditional data centre cooling methods, ColdLogik heat exchangers are fitted as back doors to computer cabinets that cool the heat at source before passing the air back into the data centre at the correct temperature.

Mike West, data centre cooling products manager, said: “It’s great to see our award-winning systems installed in such an exciting location, and an added bonus that they are capable of benefitting the local community as well as our new banking client.

“As Aqua Cooling’s latest export order to the Middle East, this is a groundbreaking project. Our ColdLogik system is certainly efficient enough to deal with the Middle Eastern climate and offers significant size and operating cost advantages.

“Hopefully the success of this installation will pave the way for further opportunities with other clients in the region and beyond,” added Mike.

This latest Aqua Cooling installation in Bahrain is designed to keep its banking client’s data centre cool and operating at an optimum room temperature of 24 degrees centigrade.

Capable of chilling loads of up to 58kW per cabinet, the ColdLogik Read Door Coolers are compact and efficient, effectively reducing the minimum size requirements of buildings that house them.



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