Leon launches “Meal Wheel” app on Apple for dithering diners

Former Sheffield Hallam University student, Leon Read is the founder of “The Meal Wheel” which has recently launched on the Apple app store and is a fun way of introducing people to new restaurants and cafes in their local area.

“It can be used by anyone, anywhere in the world who can’t decide where to eat. Even if you’re on holiday and in new surroundings The Meal Wheel can find you a little bit of food heaven in unfamiliar places,” said Sheffield-based Leon.

He was born in Birmingham and moved to Sheffield in 2008 to attend Sheffield Hallam University, studying Fine Art. Leon’s dad was co-owner of a mechanics workshop/ breakdown service back in Birmingham; his mum is a librarian in a local school.

After three years at University Leon went on to work in retail and also trying out many different ideas he had. In 2011 Leon’s dad was diagnosed with cancer and in October 2012 passed away. His dad is his biggest inspiration; he worked very hard to keep his family happy. He was a fair, kind man and was respected throughout the industry. As he owned his own business, Leon felt that he would one day want to have something he could call his own, make it a success and make his dad proud.

After many years of not knowing what way to turn. Leon’s cousin created an app called “The Night Sky” this was a massive success and is one of the most popular apps available. He saw how successful this app became and realised that this is the way he wanted to go.

“Having an idea for an app, designing and developing it into the vision you had then letting the whole world see what you’ve come up with just by clicking download is incredible”, said the 27-year-old.

Leon began developing small apps, which include two recipe apps “Breadbreadbread”’ which has a selection of bread recipes; users can follow the instructions and bake a variety of breads. The other, ‘Christmas Dinners’, which helps people cook a traditional Christmas dinner but also something a bit different if, you’re not into tradition.

Leon soon realised that this is something he can do and enjoys. The idea behind The Meal Wheel came when a group of friends could not decide what or where to eat one evening. It has developed since the initial idea and will soon play host to some popular cafes, restaurants and bars on their website by written reviews and bios to help your decision easier.

Leon has started talks with Sheffield’s leading restaurants and cafes, doing short bios and reviews. With updates coming in September, the app being available for Android users in November and the official launch also in November things are spinning fast for The Meal Wheel.

Leon received help from Sheffield Hallam University’s Enterprise Team to set up his business. The Enterprise Team support any student or graduate of up to five years with advice from experts, office space, workshops and funding.  

Leon Read, TheMealWheel
Leon Read, inventor of the MealWheel

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